The Truth About Free Credit Reports

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How many of us have searched for anything online that includes the word “free”? If you have, you will probably have pulled up a zillion spammy sites that offer nothing but links to loans, insurance and medicine.  Naturally we all like to save a bit of money where we can and when we do, it feels good.

Now have you tried looking for the term “Free Credit Report”? If you do, you may several companies offering free credit repair services or sites that offer 3 in 1 reports. Don’t fall for them. Most of those offer nothing but free headaches and many cater to only the U.S. consumers. Buyer Beware!

Free Credit Reports for Canadians – The Moment of Truth

If you are reading this post, you’re in luck. Let me introduce myself, I’m Pat, I’ve been working in credit industry for many years, right in the heart of Toronto. Let me tell you this, Free Credit Reports do exist and if you don’t look closely enough you will miss it. Any company or website, that is not one of the main credit agencies in Canada, CANNOT offer you anything remotely resembling a credit report free of cost. Period. Don’t even think about pulling out your credit card in order to get a free report. For Canadians, if you are really just wanting to get a free report, remember that the free version will not include a credit score. It will only include your credit history information. However, as you learn more about credit reports and realize the importance of knowing your credit score, you may find that it is worth paying a small fee to gain instant online access. If this interests you, simply complete the official TransUnion Credit Monitoring Unlimited Order Form. This online report from TransUnion will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your credit profile and includes your credit score.

If you’re just interested in your credit history, I suggest you follow the links below to obtain a completely free report (no credit card needed). As Canadians, we are entitled to a free credit report as many times as we like as long as we request it from the 2 main credit bureaus. End of story. Follow the links below and get your report at no cost. This is the Truth!

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Pat Drummond is the author of Credit Reports Canada and considered by many to be one of the leading experts on productivity and simplicity in relation to financial planning. He started this online credit score & reporting site to chronicle and share what he’s learned in over 20 years of counseling families and individuals on debt management, obtaining loans and improving credit scores.

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