Improve your credit rating while in debt counselling

When going through a debt management plan (debt counseling) usually all un-secured credit gets enrolled into the plan. However, in some cases, loans which are close to being paid off will not be added.  If they aren’t continue to make the minimum payments on them as you wrap up your credit counselling.

Let’s say you have student loans which were not rolled up into the debt solution plan. Each month the student loan can help to bump a credit score by 3 points. Remember, while on your debt management plan, if there is no action on your credit report, your credit score will just remain the same.

More specifically student loans are a great way to help rebuild your credit while going through debt counseling because of their low (lower than credit cards) interest rates and low monthly payments. More than likely a student loan is one of your oldest loan accounts.

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Pat Drummond is the author of Credit Reports Canada and considered by many to be one of the leading experts on productivity and simplicity in relation to financial planning. He started this online credit score & reporting site to chronicle and share what he’s learned in over 20 years of counseling families and individuals on debt management, obtaining loans and improving credit scores.

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