Home Depot Offers FREE 12-Month Credit Monitoring

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As you may have already heard, Canadians are affected by the recent Home Depot credit card breach. Home Depot has issued a letter to customers regarding the data theft which could have severe impact to its customers who has purchased items in stores across Canada. Customers who have used credit cards from April 2014 and onward will have been affected by this massive data hack.

As a result, credit card information that has been compromised can wreak havoc on Canadian credit scores and history for years to come. As I mentioned before, our credit report is like our financial DNA, we need to protect it. When Canadians open a new credit card account or take out a new loan, it will be reported to the credit report. This is why credit monitoring services come in handy. It offers a great way for you to proactively keep track of your records and be prompted if anything suspicious happens on your account. The most important part is that it gives you peace of mind knowing that your credit score and history will be kept in-tact during a data breach such as the one experienced by Home Depot.

To help customers protect themselves, Home Depot teamed up with Equifax Canada to offer free credit monitoring services to all its customers. To obtain your free 12-month credit alert services you simply need to call the credit bureau and explain that you were a Home Depot customer who may have been affected by the data breach.

Please call Equifax for registration information:

  • English: 866-204-9044
  • Francais: 866-466-9577

Equifax, a credit bureau in Canada will provide you with a 12 digit code which you can use when you sign up for the credit monitoring service. Visit Home Depot Canada for more information regarding this

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