Credit Reports Saskatchewan

All Canadians will have 2 different credit reports. Credit Reports in Saskatchewan are handled by Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada. Under the regulations set out by the government, the two credit reporting agencies, sometimes referred to as credit bureaus, have access to all your financial transaction data.

The credit reporting agencies are private businesses that keep information on any consumer who applies for credit: loans, mortgages, credit cards. The information on your credit report is made available to your employers, banks, landlords and any business that you apply to for a loan. Make sure you understand your credit report and how it affects you.

What is in my credit report?

Credit reports contain highly sensitive financial information such as your employment history, income, marital status, credit cards, balances, payment history and more. This sensitive data can be reviewed and used to determine if a business such as a bank will do business with you. They can use the information on your credit report to refuse giving you a loan.

What measures are in place to monitor and ensure that Canadians are treated fairly?

Saskatchewan has put in place The Credit Reporting Act to protect Canadians and ensure that the credit reporting industry is following proper rules and treats Canadians fairly. The Act outlines what information the credit bureau can collect, who can view your credit report,  and what the reports can be used for.

In Saskatchewan, it is written in the law that bad credit history information can only be kept on your record for a certain amount of time. Some of them are as follows,

  • Missed and late payment information is removed after 6 years
  • Any judgements against you is removed after 6 years
  • Bankruptcy details are removed after 6 years
  • Any convictions, fines and prison terms are removed after 6 years

In Saskatchewan, no business or person can get your credit report without first getting your permission or giving you written notice that they will be pulling your report. Meanwhile, lenders who review your report for loans must inform you if they will not be approving you for credit.

Are Credit reports written in stone?

No. Credit reports can be changed and updated according to your credit history. Every transaction you make is captured in the report. At the same time, if you disagree with the completeness of the information or if you notice an error on your report, you can request to have the bad credit information removed. The credit bureau is obligated under Law to review every dispute and in their best efforts try to verify the information that in incorrect.

If you find that you can’t resolve your issue with the credit bureau, you can contact the Consumer Protection Division in the government.

Be pro-active in reviewing your credit reports. By law the Credit Reporting agencies must provide you with a copy of your credit history at no charge. To resolve is dispute, it is recommended that you,

  • Check your Credit Report so that you can review credit history
  • Contact the credit bureau to identify the misinformation
  • Submit a request to the credit bureau to update or correct the information

Contact the government of Saskatchewan and file a complaint at,

Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan (FCAA)
Suite 500, 1919 Saskatchewan Dr.
Regina, SK S4P 4H2
Phone: (306) 787-5550 or
1-877-880-5550 (Toll Free)
Fax: (306) 787-9779