Why Credit Reports Canada?

Credit Reports Canada is a hub for all of your Canadian credit reporting needs. Your Canadian credit report might not be the most interesting read, but financial experts say it’s vital to regularly check it.

Canadian credit agencies recommend people check their credit-bureau file at least once a year. Errors, even minor mistakes can cause problems when it comes time to apply for credit.

Companies that lend money or issue credit cards, such as banks, and retailers, request and send information to Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada. These 2 companies collect your financial information and provide creditors with a snapshot of your credit history.

What’s unique about Credit Reports Canada?

Throughout Canada, there are regulations in place to protect your personal information, but be aware that many organiztions and people that are have access your credit history, including cable companies, insurance companies, government, and even your landlord.

Don’t trust all companies that offer you credit report information. Some credit reporting sites will solicit personal information from you, then turn around and sell it. Be careful where you give your personal information and how the websites you visit to obtain your credit reports. Many sites are United States specific and the product or service is not available to Canadians.

At Credit Reports Canada, we don’t sell anything and will never ask for your personal information. Credit Reports Canada is providing Canadians with an online Credit Reports website to help you monitor, maintain and understand your Canadian credit reports at no-cost. Yes, for FREE!

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or for more details refer to our Privacy Policy.